SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp


                  A ONE-OF-A-KIND CAMP EXPERIENCE:



Learn with artistic masterminds and well-known entrepreneurs

The programme is offered by our diverse team of senior trainers and industry professionals, from award-winning photographers to well-established filmmakers and contemporary artists and storytellers as well as visiting experts. They have both the passion for and experience working with students from around the world and are eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

A Programme for everyone

The camp offers you the opportunity to explore and develop your talents in fun and creative ways and is designed for students who want to explore a wide range of experiences, for those eager to delve deeply into a particular creative skillset or for students with an entrepreneurial or artistic spirit. At the same time, this is also the perfect experience for students with no creative, artistic or entrepreneurial experience but seeking to discover their talents and potential.


Explore – Create – Realise – Share

Throughout the camp, students explore the journey from generating an idea, putting it into action, understanding how it can contribute to their environment and sharing it with others in effective, authentic and powerful ways.

The camp follows a pioneering concept which offers students the opportunity to sample many different experiences, gain new ideas, skills and insights and discover themselves, but also delve deeply in a specific area of their interest, thereby providing both breadth and depth. As such, students experiment with visual and performing arts, media training, storytelling, filmmaking, photography, entrepreneurship and amazing outdoor activities; at the same time, they create their own project during the camp, which lends the possibility of focusing in-depth in a specific area of their choice. Students get tailored guidance and personalised feedback from our caring and expert team, which helps them grow as individuals, improve their skills and optimise their camp project, which can later serve as an important element in their portfolio or university applications.

All this amounts to a unique experience that is very fun, meaningful and truly memorable.


An amazing 2-week programme

The SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp offers a rich and balanced programme incorporating creative activities, entrepreneurial  training, outdoor activities as well as opportunities to explore many splendid areas of the French Riviera.

In Week 1 we focus on exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. With guidance from our senior trainers, award-winning photographers, filmmakers and artists, students get to experiment with a variety of creative activities and set out to create their own camp project whereby they focus in-depth on areas of their choice.

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In Week 2 students continue developing and refining their personal projects, with tailored guidance and personalised feedback from our passionate and experienced team. Students also gain important entrepreneurial skills and knowledge from our visiting entrepreneurs, marketeers and storytellers working for leading brands around the world, thereby developing their creativity, communication skills and confidence.


July 2nd-July 15th 2022: Limited places!


We welcome participants aged 13 to 17.


We pick you up and drop you off at Nice International Airport or train station upon arrival and departure. Alternatively, we can welcome you directly at our campus.

Food for all diets

We have a top chef who serves European and international dishes made from fresh ingredients. Salad, vegetables and fruit are always available, and vegetarian, religious and any other special diets can also be catered for.

All inclusive Fee

All inclusive fee per student: Euro 5,300.-

The fee is all inclusive and covers the entire camp programme packed with activities, as well as pick up from and drop off at Nice International Airport if required.

Language at camp

The main language during camp is English and a basic day to day understanding of English is sufficient. Students will improve their language skills throughout camp in a natural way.

Typical day at camp


Students wake up in their comfortable and modern ensuite bedroom shared with one other student, before enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast prepared by our excellent in-house chef. The mornings will either find us on-campus immersed in a creative activity, our personal camp projects and interactive entrepreneurship workshops, or taking advantage of the cooler temperatures to explore the area through rock climbing, mountain biking or hiking before heading back for lunch.


From a workshop on storytelling in the coolness of our mansion or conducting an interview in the garden, to relaxing outdoor activities like snorkelling, horse riding, waterskiing and a high-ropes course, every day offers a balanced, memorable and truly unique experience.

Exploring the Riviera

In addition to the daily creative, entrepreneurial and outdoor activities, we also explore the rich cultural heritage and stunning nature of the Riviera, through fun excursions to Gourdon, Nice and Grasse and short expeditions in the area, such as snorkelling, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Idyllic evenings

In the evenings we enjoy a more relaxing programme with a barbecue or karaoke in the garden, swimming or developing our projects. On other occasions we have a more active programme with fun social activities like golf, laser game or go karting. 

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

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A stunning campus, rich in nature, arts & style

The camp is based at our private, gated domain comprising our beautiful mansion with double rooms, ensuite bathrooms, swimming pool and views over the surrounding mountains and valleys, as well as a 2-hectare private garden, providing an oasis for creative inspiration and leisure activities. Located only 20 minutes from Nice International Airport and in the artistic surroundings of Grasse, the campus has direct access to nature and all outdoor activities we do daily off campus.

Organisation & Safety

Our experienced and international team has all the expertise required to manage the camp with great care, passion, attention for detail, operational excellence and safety.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards for creating a wonderful learning experience and looking after the health, safety and well-being of our students. We give all the support needed to ensure students are safe, enjoy their time and perform to the best of their abilities.


Covid-free group and guaranteed travel

We have been operating programmes under Covid-19 since March 2020, going above and beyond national and international Covid-19 Protection guidelines.

Thanks to our high health and safety standards designed in cooperation with some of the leading international schools in the world, we have kept everyone safe and none of our students, camp staff or external providers have shown any symptom of the virus.

Our team is well experienced in implementing all protection measures and is ideally placed to secure the health of our students.

Our Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp is run as a small social bubble with all students and staff tested for Covid-19 prior to the trip, ensuring everyone’s safety.


Reserve without risk: no deposits and full refunds

Secure your child’s place now without worrying about any financial impact as we do not ask for deposits and offer a full refund before the start of camp, if:

  • Travel for your nationality/region is restricted.
  • Your child’s flights or travels are cancelled.
  • Mandatory quarantine is in place upon your child’s entry in France.

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp

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